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21 April 2010, JellyBean @ 5:59 am

How do we change the future of UFO investigation? How do we harness the thousands of young people, who have busy lives, but wish to do something to help solve the UFO enigma? All too often MUFON is not the answer for many young people so what can be done? Try out a new idea.

Someone could start nationwide “UFO Spotters Clubs.” How is a UFO spotters club different from MUFON? Spotters wouldn’t be there to investigate- they would be there to corroborate UFO experiences. The idea is easy, cheap and could be very effective. Spotters Club members could be made up of up to eight individuals who would set up a spotter’s club hotline or web page in their area. They could start very cheaply with some basic equipment like a low light camcorders and cameras.

The smart phones can converted into all types of field testing equipment with the downloaded APPs that are now available.

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