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30 January 2009, JellyBean @ 9:51 am

In 1893, Chicago, Illinois was host to a spectacular World’s Fair — The Columbian Exposition — that celebrated the anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America. It was a boom time for the city and thousands of people came from all over the country to attend.
HH Holmes
Unfortunately though, the list of those “gone missing” at the end of the fair was extensive and as the police later tried to track down where these people had vanished to — the trail turned cold on the south side of Chicago.

Everything was not as shiny and beautiful as the advertising for the Exposition’s “White City” would have everyone believe, for “a devil” that became known as America’s first real serial killer was alive and well on the city’s south side, luring visitors to his “hotel”, where scores of them vanished without a trace — never to be seen again.

Adam and Ken investigate the site of HH Holmes’ OTHER murder castle

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