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15 April 2010, JellyBean @ 8:54 am

Jerome, Arizona is a place that proclaims itself “America’s most vertical city” and the “Largest Ghost town in America,” but the use of the word “Ghost town” may be fitting in more than one way as several visitors over the years have discovered. And no more harrowing a place can be found in Jerome than the Grand Hotel.

The history of the hotel is as bloody as the fictional Overlook Hotel from Stephen King’s “The Shining.” Those visiting have often reported a considerable amount of “bad energy” in the area and have actually seen apparitions within its walls. Who these apparitions actually belong to could be any one of a number of people who died or were murdered within its walls.

And then there’s the legend surrounding room 32, also almost paralleling the Stephen King story. Room 32 is the place where a wealthy corporate executive shot and killed himself under suspicious circumstances. In addition, there were several other suicides at the hotel, the most famous of which is the death of the maintenance worker, Claude Harvey who was killed, also under suspicious circumstances by an elevator in 1935. As he was working maintenance, the elevator whirred to life and crushed him to death. Later his body was found. Of course ever since that fateful day when Harvey was killed, strange sounds come from the elevator shaft where he was found crushed.

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