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1 March 2011, JellyBean @ 10:42 am

In recent years a debate has been brewing amongst the Bigfoot research community. In recent months, this debate has heated up as each group offers evidence of their claims.

There are currently two main groups in the debate.

The first group states that Bigfoot is a cryptozoological hominid creature. This creature is either of the ape family, or possibly a branch off the early human tree. We will call these creature ‘traditional’ Bigfoot.

The second group claims that Bigfoot is probably an inter-dimensional creature which may have extraterrestrial origin. Oftentimes, they claim, Bigfoot has been seen in areas rife with UFO activity. In many reports of Bigfoot sightings also include sightings of UFO’s in the same area.

They go on to say that there is ample eye-witness evidence where a Bigfoot is seen, only to vanish before their eyes, as if they have slipped into another dimension. We shall call these creatures ‘inter-dimensional’ Bigfoot.

There is now a third group which has entered the debate.

This third group theorize that ‘traditional’ Bigfoot and ‘inter-dimensional’ Bigfoot are in fact two different creatures.

When looking at nature, the vast majority of hominid creatures are covered in hair. This seems to be the norm amongst most higher order animals, with the exceptions of humans, dolphins and other sea creatures. Could this norm be extrapolated into other life-forms throughout the universe?

Assuming that hairy creatures are pretty common life-forms, this leads one to the conclusion that it is possible that there are a race of aliens which are covered by hair (a la Wookies or Ewoks of Star Wars fame).
If this is the case, then it is entirely possible that witnesses of UFO encounters could have seen a hairy alien.

The group goes onto hypothesize that ‘traditional’ Bigfoot sightings are probably a form of man or ape which has developed here on earth. These ‘traditional’ Bigfoots are not inter-dimensional or of alien origin. The confusion arises due to the similarity of appearance between the ‘traditional’ Bigfoot and the ‘inter-dimensional’ Bigfoot.

It is unlikely that we will discover which group is correct until a Bigfoot corpse is found, or complete UFO disclosure takes place. Until then, this is just one of many debates which rage amongst those with an interest in the unexplained.

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