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20 May 2011, JellyBean @ 9:20 am

So was this an earthquake, or was a nuclear weapon detonated in the Libyan desert? It would not surprise me if either Gaddafi or the West has secretly set a nuclear weapon off and then kept everything quiet. You decide!

Two different European earthquake monitoring sites (here and here) reported an 8.4 earthquake deep inside the Libyan desert about 30 miles southeast of Sinawin on May 19. The epicenter was approximately 120 miles south of the Mediterranean coast and roughly 200 miles southwest of Tripoli.

Oddly, this earthquake does not appear on the USGS website or any other earthquake reporting site.

Interestingly, the largest nuclear device ever detonated, the 50 megaton Soviet-made Tsar Bomba, would have been capable of producing almost exactly an 8.4 earthquake on the Richter Scale if it had been detonated deep underground.

Is this earthquake being censored? If so, was it a subterranean detonation in a remote desert location to safely demonstrate Libya’s nuclear capabilities to its Western attackers? The West would certainly want to contain that information to prevent widespread panic since a 50 megaton nuke could utterly wipe out an entire metropolis. Was the earthquake the result of a NATO attack? Or was the earthquake a real, natural event or simply a strange glitch on a pair of seismic instruments?

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Source: Van’s Hardware Journal

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