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19 September 2010, JellyBean @ 10:59 am

In Ventura County, California, near the city of Santa Paula, lurks a strange monster. First sighted in the 1950’s the monster has been named the Beast of Billiwhack.

The beast is said to inhabit the area around the now defunct Billiwhack Dairy. The legend started when a 9 year old boy arrived home with scratches on his arms and back. He claimed that he had been attacked by a strange monster, but managed to escape and run home.

Those who claim to have seen the beast have described it as being Half man, half goat, with white fur and giant horns. The beast does not speak but rather snarls and grunts when seen.

Sightings have usually been reported by children and teenagers. One young boy was once caught with a sword and when asked why he was there, replied that he intended to slay the beast. This story was widely reported in a LA Times article in 1964.

This was not the only time that children decided to hunt down and destroy the beast. The article also mentions a time when a woman who leased the property, had to hold off 43 children with a shotgun until the police arrived to deal with the situation.

The farm was originally owned by a Swiss immigrant, August Rübel, in 1920. His two surviving daughters were interviewed about the beast, but both claim to know nothing about it. They said that they only knew of ghost rumours which started long after they had left.

Local rumour is that the beast was born from experiments carried out by Nazi’s who were unwilling to to aid the OSS. Instead they developed a mutant race of creatures. One of this new race escaped into the wild and it is this beast that became the Beast of Billiwhack.

Historically there is no evidence of rogue Nazi’s and secret OSS facilitied in the area, but of course that would have been top secret.

The last reported sighting of the beast was in 1992 when a teenager claims to have heard a rustle in the bushes. Looking closer he saw the cloven feet of a creeature. Suddenly the creature stood up and he saw the beast’s head.

Some people say that the best is just a “strange melding of historical fact, urban legend and outright fiction”. Others swear that they have seen the best and it does exist. Still others say that because it is mostly kids and teens who have seen the monster, it was probably an urban legend spread by kids hoping to scare each other.

Ironically, the Billiwhack Monster is not the only creature sighted in the area. In 1939, several people reported seeing a strange half monkey, half man in Ojai, a small town about fifteen miles west of the Billiwhack Dairy. Reports described the creature as the size of a twelve year old boy with gangly long arms and black fur.

Could this be the same monster?

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