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13 December 2010, JellyBean @ 11:15 am

This is from the Strange News Daily Blog:

This week the Roman Catholic church officially recognised the first site in the US where an apparition of the Virgin Mary appeared to a Belgian-born nun. The place this occured was near the town of Champion, just east of Green Bay on Lake Michigan.


Adele Joseph Brice was born in Dion-le-Val, Brabant, Belgian on January 30, 1831. When she was still a child, she accidentally had lye spilt in her eye. She lost the sight in the eye, but despite this, she was known as a charming, polite and pious child by her neighbours.

During the 1950’s there was a wave of Belgian immigrants to the Green Bay area of the US. Adele’s parents decided that they too would make the trip.

She arrived in the US from Belgium with her parents in 1855. They bought a farm at Red River. Throughout her young life, Adele had wanted to join a convent and become a nun. Her family however insisted that she join them in the US.

The Visions

It was October 9, 1859 when the young Adele was working in the fields. She was carrying grain to the mill near Dyckesville when she stopped and couldn’t believe her eyes.

In the words of Sister Pauline LaPlant who often heard the story from Adele:

“ She [Adele] was going to the grist mill about four miles from here [Champion] with a sack of wheat on her head […]. As Adele came near the place, she saw a lady all in white standing between two trees, one a maple, the other a hemlock. Adele was frightened and stood still. The vision slowly disappeared, leaving a white cloud after it. Adele continued on her errand and returned home without seeing anything more. She told her parents what had happened, and they wondered what it could be — maybe a poor soul who needed prayers?

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