31 August 2010, JellyBean @ 11:17 am

NASA officials and astronomers worldwide are all expressing concerns as their collective research indicates the Sun, which has been in a comparative slumber for the past 10 years, is waking up and ramping up for a Solar
Max. Already, solar storms from the current cycle has generated massive flares, which hit the Earth this month, causing it to light up spectacularly. According to NASA, this is just a precursor of a massive solar storm which is building, which has the potential to wipe out the Earth’s electrical power grid, GPS tracking systems, and communications networks. This would certainly result in worldwide chaos.

A Solar Max is a super solar storm that could hit the Earth like a bolt of lightening with the magnitude of a global hurricane or earthquake. Liken to the “Hurricane Katrina for the Earth,” as the sun enters a phase known as Solar Cycle 24, the theory claims sunspots travel through the sun on a conveyors belt which carry the magnetic fields through the sun. When they hit the surface of the sun they explode as sunspots and these weakened magnetic fields travel back through the sun’s core to recharge. This process generally happens on a roughly 40-50 year cycle, however, according to solar physicist David Hathaway, the conveyor belt began speeding up between 1986 thru 1996, creating the collection of lots more magnetic fields, which points to more intense future activity. The magnetic fields swept up during this stage should begin to reappear as big sunspots between 2010 and 2012. It has been estimated it could cause $1 to 2 trillion dollars in damage to our digitally reliant high-tech infrastructure and could take up to 10 years for us to completely recover from.

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14 August 2010, JellyBean @ 6:42 pm

UFO Researcher Adolfo Gandin Ocampo (Buenos Aries, Argentina) investigating the July 2010 Xiaoshan Airport UFO Incident for UNIFA (Union researchers of anomalous phenomena – English Translation) spoke by phone with Wang Sichao , a world wide figure and respected Chinese astronomer and minor planet specialist who currently works as a Scientific Researcher and Advisor at Nanjing’ s Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory.

During their discussion, Wang makes the startling prediction for the arrival of Aliens or a fleet of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), or both… over the next two years, 2011 or 2012. Wang stated, “The existence of 2.5 billion planets makes it highly possible that there is life and civilization with advanced technologies seeking other’s natural resources, like our own.”

Wang states that the statement from astrophysicist Stephen Hawking in April that the arrival of Aliens could adversely affect humanity is indeed a reality facing Earth, and it needs professional analysis conducted now rather than later.

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26 June 2009, JellyBean @ 10:57 am

Dreams, the modern psychologists tell us, are the expression of unconscious drives. The fullfilment of wishes which we repress in your waking lives. Yet if we accept this theory in its entirity, how do we explain the visions which appeared in a dream to a Russian Colonel?


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28 November 2008, JellyBean @ 10:00 am

1920 Chicago was rocked by the murder of Ruth Wanderer by her husband Carl. It was known as “The Case of the Ragged Stranger”.

But was the demise of Carl Wanderer predicted 5 years earlier by his dying mother?

Incredible, but true!

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