12 May 2011, JellyBean @ 9:46 am

Strange structures can be found in the desert of the United Arab Emirates and can be clearly seen on Google Earth. A number of these structures have been discovered dotted around the same region. These structures have prompted a lot of speculation and theories on what they could be and is going viral across the internet.

Some have speculated that they are just water storage units or solar energy units. Others say that it could be missile silo’s, radar housing or some other military structures. Still others claim alien spacecraft, the New Age experiment ‘Venus Project’ and aHomeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) project.

What do you think they are?

You can view the structures at co-ordinates:

24.714502 , 54.984069

Join in the discussion at Above Top Secret where you can also view additional photos, or comment below…

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11 March 2011, JellyBean @ 8:34 am

A fourth photo Trunko, the Margate Monster has been found and is now available:

Today I learnt from my Trunko co-researcher Markus Hemmler that a fourth Trunko photograph has been found!

Depicting the carcase as a classic amorphous globster, and seemingly dating back to the 1920s like the previous three (see my ShukerNature exclusives from September 2010 for further information regarding these), it was discovered in the archives of South Africa’s Margate Museum by one of my correspondents – South African artist and enthusiastic Trunko investigator Bianca Baldi, whose home town is none other than Margate itself, upon whose beach the Trunko carcase was washed ashore eight decades ago.

Read more on ShukerNature

Click to enlarge

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10 December 2010, JellyBean @ 6:37 pm

So is it a hoax, spiderman promotional gimmick, a prank or could it be real?

A hunter in the U.S. posted a video said to feature the creature on the Wildgame Innovations website – and the piercing white eyes aren’t the sort you would want to meet on a dark night.

The deer hunter said he was lying in wait in the pitch black when a ghoulish spectre filled his sights.

Its eyes glowing in the light of his torch, it leapt from the undergrowth, flashed a look at the camera before vanishing back into the bushes.

The hunter, who has chosen to remain anonymous, was so frightened he said he broke the camera but retrieved the image from its undamaged memory chip.

The picture was taken on a reserve in Berwick near Morgan City, Louisiana.

What do you think??

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12 October 2010, JellyBean @ 9:44 am

Abbey Linfoot, 22, was on a European holiday with her boyfriend when she took a photo of a street in Nuremberg, Germany.

When she looked at the photo later, she saw something she couldn’t explain, high above the buildings.

People have been offering their different opinions, but none of them seem to fit.

“I thought it looked like a cherub,” said Bev, Abbey’s mother.

“I also thought it looked a bit like a naked Buzz Lightyear toy, but could be a bee or an insect or something.”

After an online investigation, she discovered that there has been a fatal crash crash there previously. Could the photo be on an angel?

See more photo’s on York Press

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