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Two British authors, Matthew Alford, 32, and Robbie Graham, 29, are investigating the concept that the CIA and other American intelligence agencies manipulate Hollywood to produce television and movies that can alter public perceptions and be used to monitor public reactions. Robbie is a full-time doctoral candidate at the University of Bristol working on a Ph.D. to examine Hollywood’s historical representation of UFOs and potential extraterrestrial life. Robbie formerly was Associate Lecturer in Media at Stafford College in Stafford, England.

Matthew Alford, Ph.D., earned his doctorate in 2008 from the University of Bath, England, with his Ph.D. thesis entitled, “A Propaganda Model for Hollywood? Representations of American Foreign Policy in Contemporary Films.” Matthew has written for the Guardian, Fortean Times, New Statesman and BBC radio. He has also lectured at the Universities of Bath and Bristol. Matthew has a new August 2010 book released by the U. K.’s Pluto Press entitled Reel Power: Hollywood Cinema and American Supremacy.

While researching Hollywood history and the background of Steven Spielberg specifically, Matt Alford discovered a 1978 interview with film director Spielberg about his 1977 blockbuster Encounters of the Third Kind. The interview was published in a 1978 edition of the now out-of-print magazine called Cinema Papers. Below in the section highlighted by yellow lines, Spielberg answers the interviewer’s question: At any point during the setting up of the film were you more in doubt than not?

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“Standard orbit, Mr. Sulu.” Captain Kirk barks out the order with such confidence. He knows the USS Enterprise can slip in and out of planetary orbits with ease. But it’s only easy in the realm of science fiction. In the real world, such maneuvers have been impossible –until now.

Enter Dawn, NASA’s cutting edge mission to the asteroid belt.

Powered with a futuristic sounding new technology called “ion propulsion,” this spacecraft will perform space moves rivaling those of the Enterprise.

At this very moment, Dawn is slowly climbing away from the sun, beyond Mars, on its way to its first destination, asteroid Vesta. Dawn will enter “standard orbit” around this rocky world for a year, exploring its mysteries.

Then Dawn will do something unprecedented in real-world spaceflight: exit the orbit of one distant body, and fly to and orbit another. The second destination is asteroid Ceres.

“Dawn will be the first spacecraft ever built to orbit two target bodies after leaving Earth,” says Marc Rayman, Dawn chief engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “There’s not even a concept for doing such a mission with conventional propulsion systems. The spacecraft would have to carry so much fuel, it would be too heavy to launch.”

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Facebooker Claim, NASA Astronomer Decipher Intelligence Signal From Nearby Stars
According to Wayne Herschel “This is still inside information from Judy Fältskog at NASA and it has not gone public yet due to the magnitude of the findings! The picture here on my page is of Judy, the stars and data mentioned too and we are all watching with baited breath!”

Update :

“Wayne : It would seem as if this signal is not perse directed at us as a Species, but that we are now listening in on a Interstellar communication between civilizations on the Target stars I had mentioned. Only +- 1% of the signal seems modulated and the rest seems to be an advance Binary code of sorts. There are so many sub-carriers bundled into this signal. I don’t reckon we have the technology on our planet at present to do this form of communication at this frequencies. We have still not reached any results, far from it. But I can say with confidence it is not Local, but certainly an Intelligence from beyond our Solar System. Wonder why SETI USA has not commented on anything yet. We are going to Stealth mode from now on, but I will keep you posted. “

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NASA scientists last night unveiled compelling evidence of life on Mars.

A special mission to the Red Planet has revealed the likely presence of a form of pond scum – the building blocks of life as we know it.

NASA unveiled the results of the recent Opportunity and Spirit probes sent millions of miles through the solar system to discover signs of extraterrestrial life.

The results are so promising boffins have already planned a host of other missions to discover whether there is extraterrestrial life in the universe.

The recent missions have gathered evidence of sulphates on Mars, a strong indication there is water on the planet and therefore life.

Previous missions to Mars have concluded there is probably water on the planet.

But the NASA boffins said the recent missions have gone further than any others in proving there is life on Mars.

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