11 July 2011, JellyBean @ 9:24 am

According to eyewitness testimony “These two objects floated by and then two more floated by and a short time later, two more floated by on July 3, 2011,” Joanne Damico said. She described the mysterious objects as orange colored globes.

Damico’s husband John, who also saw them, said they were too quiet to be airplanes. “We saw lots of planes that night,” he said. “This didn’t look anything like that.”

The Damicos saw a similar sight in August of 2009 while visiting at a friend’s home. Joanne, a school teacher, said she’s researched it online and found others who also witnessed similar sightings.

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15 June 2011, JellyBean @ 7:23 am

Very cool montage made from a number of compelling videos taken of UFO activity over 2010 and 2011.

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Are these fake images, explainable phenomena, false flags or could some of them possibly be evidence of real extraterrestrial activity?

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16 September 2010, JellyBean @ 11:17 am

Hessdalen rose from obscurity in December 1981 to become one of the most talked about places in Norway and beyond.

Hessdalen is a valley in central Norway. It lies southeast of Trondheim and about 30 kilometres northwest of the town of Roros. The whole valley stretches 12 kilometres in length and has only around 200 inhabitants.

In December 1981, a number of unknown lights appeared in the skies above Hessdalen. Sometimes they would move about at a fast rate of speed, and other times simply hover motionless for hours.

What makes this more unusual than similar lights, like the Paulding or Brown Mountain lights, is that these are sometimes caught on radar. In one case, an orb of light was tracked as it travelled more than 8 500 meters per second.

The vast majority of these lights are seen within the valley, below the mountain ridges around. There are three main shapes that are reported by witnesses: bullet shaped, football shaped and inverted xmas tree shaped. The colours vary from white to yellow and even red.

The sightings continued until the winter of 1983 when observations dropped off drastically. However by the following year, reports were again on the incrase.

In 1983 Project Hessdalen was established to investigate the lights. Fifty-three light observations were made during the 1984 field investigation. In 1985 none were spotted when equipment has been deployed and now 20 observations a year are reported.

In the spring of l994 a group of 20 scientists attended a workshop in Hessdalen which lasted for four days. These included Professor Boris Smirnov from the Institute of High Temperatures in Moscow, Russia, Professor David Fryberger from the Stanford Linear Accelerator in the USA, and Professor Yoshi Othsuki from Waseda University in Japan.

All the scientists agreed that the Hessdalen lights were “real” and not illusions of any kind and that they were worthy of further scientific study.

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4 September 2010, JellyBean @ 5:06 pm

Placing a video camera in a baby’s room is a common practice these days. But one Dallas couple picked up something very uncommon on their “nanny-cam” — something they think might be paranormal.

Steven Devine uses his night-vision video camera to keep an eye on his two year old son. But one night it appeared something else was keeping an eye on the boy too. “You see it’s kind of curled,” Divine said pointing to the black and white image on his computer screen.

The camera is mounted in the upper corner of the room, right next to the door leading to a hallway. In the video a crib is clearly visible. After a few seconds, what looks like a tube of light apparently appears in front of the crib, moves toward the back of the room and disappears off camera.

Seconds later, the video shows an even brighter line of glowing balls, connected by a line of light, moving across the upper portion of the screen. “It will come down and you’ll see like these round balls wanting to come down,” Divine said.

Read the whole story and see the pics on: CBS11TV

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