16 November 2011, JellyBean @ 4:34 am

A 38-year-old salesman was found dead on the ground floor of a car park of a high-rise residential building in Georgetown, Malaysia.

Since moving into the apartment, Khoo Kim Bee had been suffering from insomnia, began behaving “oddly,” and soon began contemplating suicide.

“We were disturbed by an unfriendly spirit,” his wife Xue Lin told The Star Online while at the Penang Hospital mortuary.

“Last week, Khoo had allegedly wanted to hang himself and even threatened to stab me with a pair of scissors.”

Xue told The Star that her husband had an appointment to undergo an exorcism, under the advisement of a Siamese Buddhist Temple master monk who had inspected the apartment.

The night before the appointment, Xue claimed that her husband woke her up twice in the wee hours and whispered to her that he wanted to take his own life before he apologised to her.

In a groggy state, Xue said she “pacified” her husband “and told him to go back to sleep.”

The morning of his appointment, he was found dead by a neighbor.

Malina Ayub, 45, who stays in a unit opposite the couple’s home, said she heard a loud thud and went to investigate.

“I thought someone had thrown rubbish from the upper floors but I was shocked to see a man lying in a pool of blood at the car park,” she said.

Assistant Commissioner of the Georgetown PD, Gan Kong Meng, said initial investigations revealed that the deceased had no financial or personal woes.

“We have classified the case as sudden death. Foul play is ruled out,” he said.

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29 September 2011, JellyBean @ 6:41 am

Since 1976, John Baker has run the Bakers Junction Railroad Museum in Smithville, Indiana. The museum — which operates a haunted house in old railcars — has fallen on tough financial times, so Baker’s turned to an unusual source of fundraising capital. That is, his own severed thumb.

Here’s John’s story:

I was using a saw over my head but I only have one good leg & it has a bad knee & it gave out & I fell down & the saw jumped out & cut my finger off.

I dumped out a coke & put my finger in the glass of ice & my friend James drove me to the VA hospital 60 miles [away] but the saw mangled my finger up [too] bad to be put back on so I put it back into [my] pocket & brought it home.

I had my finger mummified & made [into] a key chain on a stainless [steel] chain set in clear plastic.

I am selling it to pay for a new metal roof for the two train stations at Bakers Junction Railroad Museum at Smithville Indiana & they need a new roof badly.

According to John, his money troubles stem from a conflict with the “Commie zoning board” of Bloomington, Indiana. If you enjoy dismembered appendages and haunted railcars, this is a stop for your next vacation.

Ebay Auction

Source: IO9

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10 August 2011, JellyBean @ 5:40 am

A Saudi man is believed to have been gripped by jinn (ghosts) during a picnic with his friends in a valley which is reputed to be haunted. But he was later treated in an exorcist-style session by the Gulf Kingdom’s religious police.

The unnamed man and seven friends from the western town of Makkah were vacationing in the nearby Taif city when they decided to descend into Wadi Al-Amak (the deep abyss) despite warnings by local people.

After a short evening trip in the valley, the colour of the man’s began to change and his behavior became aggressive before he lost balance and fell down.

When his friends tried to talk to him, he shouted and pushed them away while his eyes were fixed at an area deep in the valley.

“Friends then overpowered him and washed his face with cold water…it was clear the man was haunted by a jinn,” Sabq Arabic language daily said.

“They then decided to carry him back to town…they were told that the valley is haunted and that there were two similar cases in the past.”

The paper said the man was taken to the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the most influential Islamic law-enforcement authority in the conservative Moslem Gulf nation.

“The Commission brought experts in such cases and subjected the man to a session of Koran recitation and incense burning until the jinn was forced to get out of the man through his hand…once the session was over, the man began to restore his strength…after a while he fully recovered and started to ask his friends why he was brought to that place.”

Source: Emirates 24/7

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8 December 2010, JellyBean @ 10:19 am

It was December 7, 1941. For many Americans the world was about to change and the date would remain fixed in the national consciousness.

At 7:48 a.m the Japanese airforce launched its surprise attack on the US Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Within a few hours 2,402 US personnel were killed and 1,282 were wounded.

Ford Island NAS

The place that suffered the highest casualties was Ford Island Naval Air Station because of the battleship moorings surrounding the island.

This attack prompted the US to enter the Second World War.

Ford Island is now home to a number of residents and tourists are able to visit the island to tour the USS Missouri and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

From just after the war until now, these residents and tourists have reported strange things from the island.

Many have made reports of disembodied voices in their homes. Some report unexplained footsteps coming from empty rooms. Others have reported objects moving around and being stacked in corners.

Other phenomena include lights and appliances which turn on and off by themselves, ghostly apparitions and strange feelings of sadness and dread.

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