24 February 2012, JellyBean @ 4:43 am

This latest trail cam photo of a purported Bigfoot taken by a person who chose not to reveal himself and was handed over to a blogger named Melissa Hovey.

Melissa “struggled” with releasing the photo to the Bigfoot community as she made a promise to the person that he can trust her.

Is this photo real? You be the judge…

More info HERE

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29 September 2011, JellyBean @ 5:07 am

Skunk Ape or just a big monkey?

Authorities in Florida said a large monkey, estimated to be 4 feet tall when on all fours, has been spotted at least four times in the St. Cloud region.

Osceola County Animal Control and the St. Cloud Police Department said the primate has been spotted in the area on at least four occasions, once behind a Home Depot store in Dakota Avenue and three times in the Wisconsin Avenue area, WKMG-TV, Orlando, reported Wednesday.

Authorities said they do not know where the animal came from and they are encouraging anyone who spots the monkey to call police or Animal Control.

Les Platt, who lives in the Wisconsin Avenue area, said the monkey was spotted by some houseguests.

“He just walked across, and then he stood upright on his two hind legs. Up to that point, they thought they were looking at a wildcat,” Plett said. “I lived in the Philippines, I had a number of pet monkeys — and they can be very mean and can bite — so maybe someone just got tired of taking care of the monkey.”


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23 August 2011, JellyBean @ 4:12 am

This is either an authentic Bigfoot or the best hoax in recent years… you decide!

YouTube Preview Image

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7 July 2011, JellyBean @ 6:08 am

Yet another ‘bigfoot’ video which is so blurry that it could be anything, or nothing at all! I put it on here for posterity sake.

YouTube Preview Image

Kid sees video Bigfoot in backyard then goes out to film it a couple weeks later. Very shaky video but there are 30 good frames, 9 that confirm morphology.

Coned head turns left and right, trapezius muscle looks correct. One frame shows long arm.

BF flees immediately after being seen then peeks from behind foliage twice.

Genuine fear when the kids notices the BF looking at him.

Remember any video of a Bigfoot is worth taking the time to analyze.

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