16 July 2010, JellyBean @ 9:18 am

THE two latest sightings of a panther-like creature in the Macarthur area have been reported on macarthurchronicle.com.au

Sharon posted she had spotted the animal with her son while driving along Riverside Drive at Airds on Saturday, July 4. “Last night at about about 11pm my son who is learning to drive was driving along Riverside Drive at Airds as part of our driving lesson,” she posted.

“We saw this what appeared to be a black large animal run at lightening speed from one side of road into bushland.

“When I got a better look at it as went to go into the bush it appeared to be like panther.

“It wasn’t a dog as it was quite high in height. My son thought it was a greyhound at first. It was faster than I have ever seen a dog run and seemed to leap and bound as it ran. It freaked us both out and I was relieved my son did not hit it.”

Read the article and see the photo here: Macarthur Chronicle

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9 April 2010, JellyBean @ 9:26 am

THE Gold Coast has reported the second highest number of UFO sightings in Queensland in a year.

According to UFO Research Queensland, an organisation established in 1956 which records and researches UFO sightings, the Gold Coast ranked second to Brisbane in the number of unexplained sightings between October 2008 and September 2009, with 25 reports out of a total 123 coming from the Coast.

Brisbane had 28, while Caboolture, Cairns and Logan were next on the list, all with five reports recorded.

For many years, the Australian Air Force was responsible for handling Unusual Aerial Sightings at the official level but in the 1990s, the department stopped archiving reports.

Nowadays sightings are reported to local police authorities or civilian UFO research groups in the State, if at all.

UFO Research Queensland president Sheryl Gottschall said sightings ranged from strange lights in the sky to detailed descriptions of craft.

Read more:

UFO Chronicles: Australia: Coast UFO Sightings Rocketing

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21 May 2009, JellyBean @ 10:45 am

Astronomers in Australia listening out for signs of intelligent alien life by searching for optical laser pulses as oppose to radio signals detected an unusually strong laser signal in December 2008 that has yet to be identified.

“Contrary to the classical Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, (SETI) that is listening to intelligent radio signals from outer space, so called “OSETI” is searching for strong “optical” laser pulses or strong laser flashes.”

Click here for Source

Thanks to Unexplained Mysterious for the heads up!

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2 January 2009, JellyBean @ 7:47 am

I came across this very interesting article today which I thought you would all like. It talks about the strange happenings with commercial aircraft over a an area in Western Australia that has not one, but two secret military bases.

There is talk that these two bases are responsible for a plethora of strange activity and that at least one of them, a joint US / Aus facility, may in fact be a secret UFO base. Here is part of the article from Allnewsweb. To read more, click on the link at the bottom:

On the 7th of October 2008 the passengers on Qantas flight 72 from Singapore to Perth experienced something that may well haunt them for the rest of their lives. As the Airbus A330-303 was travelling over the isolated town of Exmouth in Western Australia the pilots received a faulty message and auto-pilot was automatically disengaged. The plane climbed 60m before pitching down and plunging 200m in a terrifying 20 seconds in an uncommanded manoeuvre. The pilots steadied the plane however a few minutes later the craft again plunged another 120m in 16 seconds.

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