17 April 2010, JellyBean @ 6:45 pm

According to MUFON UFO case No. 22858 : Back in June 2008 eyewitness and others were driving on National Route 38, of Cordova towards Capilla Del Monte .When they saw a black disc behind a strange cloud above the hill. He stopped and photographed the disc shape UFO, object which was not creating any kind of sound.

He said : With in flick of second object went out at full speed up of the hills and he couldn’t see it any more, it got lost completely.

He added : The camera model was Sony H50 by which he photographed that amazing photo. Google location coordinate of UFO sightings is -30.88713,-64.53506.

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UFO Blogger

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12 August 2009, JellyBean @ 9:21 am

“The teachers staid that it was “an orange half-moon that turned into a huge sphere.”

De la Garma, Argentina – Four schoolteachers from Neuquén reported having seen an alleged UFO yesterday as they headed to a school in the De la Garma region.

“We started to see an orange half-moon that turned into a huge sphere, and we took some photos of it with our cellphones,” said María Inés Martos, the principal of the local school, in a radio interview with Radio LU24.”

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Inexplicata: Argentina: Schoolteachers See, Photograph UFO

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17 June 2009, JellyBean @ 4:38 pm

This one comes courtesy one of my favourite blogs and sources of UFO news from Latin America, Inexplicata:

“This report comes to us from one of the most trusted sources in the country – journalist and UFO researcher Quique Mario of the CEUFO group – but we cannot provide our readers at this time with the exact date of these events or the names of the parties involved. Inquiries have already been made and more information shall be provided as soon as it is received.

According to Quique Mario, the incident is one of several that have “continued to occur” in UFO and cattle mutilation-prone La Pampa. The experiencers have requested anonymity although several external sources have confirmed these events. A woman from an undisclosed location in this Argentinean province claims having witnessed the maneuvers of one or several UFOs in the vicinity over the past four years. Moreover, “she managed to discover that the occupants were tall (some 2 meters) and in some cases no taller than 1.60,” writes the journalist. Interestingly, the woman states that this height difference resulted in different behaviors on the part of the alleged ufonauts: the taller ones gave the witness “the impression that they were like robots, judging by their movments” — echoes of the mind-bending Cisco Grove, California event of the early 1960s.”

Read the whole story on:

Inexplicata: Argentina: Abduction – Interrupted?

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27 February 2009, JellyBean @ 9:29 am

Witnesses to the phenomenon in Esquel and El Bolsón (Chubut Province) claim that the “night was completely lit” – it occurred last Saturday and research is ongoing to determine if it was a meteorite that entered the atmosphere and disintegrated, or if it was a UFO.

The strange “fireball” that crossed the skies over the Cordillera in Chubut between the towns of Esquel and El Bolsón is being investigated to see if it was an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) or a meteorite that entered the atmosphere and burned up before striking the ground.

The episode took place at midnight last Saturday – although it only became known today – and was seen by at least a dozen people driving along the road that links El Bolsón with Esquel.

Those who witnessed the phenomenon claimed that the dark night was almost entirely illuminated for a few seconds, leaving eyewitnesses “flabbergasted”

“On Saturday, between 23:00 and midnight, personnel on duty saw a fireball-type light,” said Ramon Lotero, second commander of the 36ths Squadron of the National Gendarmes.

Read the complete story on Inexplicata

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