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24 July 2010, JellyBean @ 4:07 pm

When we think of UFOs, we generally think of alien spacecraft piloted by green-skinned Graliens from other planets, right? A more appropriate assessment of this perception might instead be that, although this is generally the case in the world today, the idea is more recent than most people realize.

Recently I saw an article by Norio Hayakawa which asked some interesting questions, in addition to pointing out a few things about UFO believers in general. Namely, Hayakawa notices trends among the beliefs and values of most UFO buffs he has met, which include “living right,” “searching for truth,” and a lack of desire for “acquisition of material wealth or power.” Many also describe having “something to look forward to in life.”

I find that this correlates well with some of the lesser known aspects of Ufology’s past; specifically, I’m referring to contact with “space brothers” or “interdimensionals” (among the various names folks used for them prior to 1947). This was a particularly interesting period for Ufology because, in spite of the fact that little actual UFO activity was reported in the same manner it is today, there are certainly still encounters on the record, and many of them involve spiritual elements.

Before I get to those, however, I must assert here that this is usually as far as I get before the average UFO buff stops me to say, “you’re wrong! There WERE reports of UFOs that occurred back then!” So again, just to clarify, I certainly acknowledge that there were nuts-and-bolts anomalous aircraft witnessed in the decades before that pivotal year of 1947… but I’ve digressed long enough.

Read the whole article: Mysterious Universe

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