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16 April 2010, JellyBean @ 8:26 am

I follow The Daily Grail for a several reasons – it’s a font of of all manners of interesting, amusing and delightfully random news (specifically referring to its mostly-daily News Briefs feature), it’s home to some interesting writing and articles and presents a variety of viewpoints that I find, if not always relevant to my personal interests, at least useful to gain a more wide-ranging viewpoint of things.

However, the paranormal- and supernatural-themed website’s oft-resentful and bellicose attitude towards skeptics, especially more prominent ones such as Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy, is not one of them.

Here’s a good example of this rather irritating and at times downright misleading tone, from webmaster Greg Taylor’s latest post, forebodingly titled “Skeptics <3 the Paranormal”, which is itself a response to the Bad Astronomer’s excellent post regarding skeptics’ role(s) and attitude(s) towards the Catholic Church and its dealing with the mounting clerical child sex abuse scandal... Read more: Preliator Pro Causa

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