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20 April 2010, JellyBean @ 5:56 am

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What we are finding out in science and what we see in things like evolution and extremophiles is that life finds a way and life has a drive to be or to exist.

We are finding life in places that scientist didn’t think life could exist.

What this tells us, with the discovery of liquid water on other planets, extremophiles and exoplanets, is that extraterrestrial life exists on other planets.

The drive of life to exist is not limited to one planet in the universe.

The problem is we have been looking at things through a materialist belief system. Materialism says that dead, dumb, blind matter suddenly became life through a spark. It’s like saying that you shuffle the puzzle box with the puzzle pieces enough times eventually you will open the box and find the puzzle complete.

This is very silly and anyone with half a brain should laugh at the materialist belief system. The reason they don’t is because belief is a powerful thing.

Life is a pre-existing pattern that manifest itself through matter.

Everything that exist has to have a pre-existing pattern including life. As of now we can manipulate this pattern very well on a macroscopic level. We can make cars, boats and all kinds of things. Once we learn how to manipulate the pattern on a microscopic scale through things like nanotechnology and claytronics, the floodgates will open.

So at this point we can say life has to exist on other planets just based on current understanding. If you hold an opposing view you would have to give a logical explanation as to why we shouldn’t draw this conclusion in light of the available evidence.

Now there’s a very small chance that the universe is just playing a joke on us and everything that we are discovering is meaningless and life is just a once in a lifetime dumb luck accident, but that just is a silly notion in light of recent discoveries.

This is not even going into extra-dimensions. That provides even more evidence that supports life existing throughout our universe and in other worlds.

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