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13 April 2010, JellyBean @ 8:13 am

A bright, swirling, white UFO described by witnesses as looking like a ‘magical, crazy spinning top’ was seen by at least four witness on April 4 in the village of Alvignanello in the southern Italian region of campagnia.

One of the witnesses managed to take a photo on his cellphone of the object (see image above). Local ufologist Mr Ennio Piccaluda noted that ‘with at least four local witnesses, all farmers and not the sort of people that would make this type of event up the sighting was probably real’.

Mr Piccaluda noted that a UFO crop circle was also recently discovered in the vicinity of this village.
UFOs are often seen in Italy and the Italian Air-force has admitted that UFOs are real.
recently the below footage was recorded of a possible alien craft in the vicinity of Naples.

YouTube Preview Image


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