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10 February 2009, JellyBean @ 8:01 am

In the video above, captured December 19, 2007, in Rosario, Argentina, you can see a flying luminous object that seems to shoot vertical beams to the ground. Could these be lasers?

YouTube Preview Image

“I filmed it with a friend’s cell phone in Rosario, after exiting Alto Rosario shopping mall. … Upon watching the video closely I realized that the strange light, which many people saw and thought was a satellite, fired beams to the ground”, the witness told a local investigator, who quickly pronounced that “we know about these UFOs that fire beams to the ground. It happened in Germany and the UK. Thus, when he sent me the video, I couldn’t believe it; it’s something different from what we are used to see. Those are laser-like beams. The boy recorded five beams”, she stated to a local radio show.

The clip is similar to one taken in Bristol this past November:

YouTube Preview Image

Is this evidence the UFO beams are real?

According to forgetamori, experiments have proven that the ‘beams’ can also have a scientific explanation.

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