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13 January 2011, JellyBean @ 10:46 am

Last week it was reported that there was a mass bird death in Romania. The test results are now in.

According to scientists and vets who examined the dead birds, they died from being too drunk.

“Tests on five birds showed gizzards full of grape marc which caused their death,” Romeu Lazar, head of Constanta’s veterinary authority told Reuters, referring to a pulpy residue which is a by-product of wine making.

They are unsure exactly where the grape marc came from, but presume it was was from a winery in the area.

So far scientists have blamed the other mass bird deaths on storms, hail, lightning or collisions with airplanes or power lines. Others have blamed fireworks in some areas.

Conspiracy theorists point to a variety of causes including secret government experiments, weather modification and even UFO interference.

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