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30 September 2010, JellyBean @ 10:00 am

Here is a prime example of my rant the other day (Can we Trust a WhistleBlower):

Popular Internet radio broadcaster Jerry Pippin based in Muskogee, Oklahoma, stunned his worldwide audience on Saturday, September 25, 2010 when he featured researcher Anthony Sanchez who, for the first time ever, revealed to the public the official government/military name for the much-rumored, alleged underground installation in Dulce, New Mexico.

Sanchez disclosed the complete name of the installation as: “Rio Arriba Scientific & Technological Underground Auxiliary”.

He stated that this information came to him directly from a retired Air Force Colonel in January of 2010 when the Colonel invited him for an private interview in his cabin in California.

Read the whole article here: UFO Chronicles

This is exactly the sort of nonsense that I was talking about!

Here are my questions and thoughts about this:

1) Who is this mysterious Colonel? Why does he remain anonymous when so many of his colleagues have just recently come forward? Isn’t it convenient that he cuts off all ties just as the book is released.

2) Who benefits from this supposed “whistleblower”? The answer is very clear: Anthony Sanchez who has written a book about this and wishes to drum up sales.

3) Is there ANY shred of evidence that this Colonel exists? Is there any evidence that if this man exists, he is actually a real Colonel and actually worked in a position to know?

There are many more questions, but I am 100% sure that if pressed, Anthony Sanchez will direct you to his book for answers.

Why does the UFO community give this “whistleblower evidence” any credence or coverage at all?

I challenge Anthony Sanchez to reveal his ‘source’ and I challenge the ‘Colonel’, if he exists, to reveal himself like his brave colleagues have recently done in Leslie Kean’s book.

In Leslie’s book, the whistleblowers are named and their credentials verified. They also appeared before the national and international press to tell their stories.

Credibility Rating:

Anthony Sanchez: 0%
Leslie Kean: 100%

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