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16 July 2010, JellyBean @ 9:05 am

It’s a fascination that didn’t just begin with the blockbuster hits like “Twilight” and shows like “True Blood.”

The vampire craze has existed for centuries.

In this special report, we explore the myth of vampires and the current culture that exists.

Whether you were first introduced him as Count Dracula or a dream vampire teen in the movie “Twilight,” there’s something alluring and seductive about these creatures of the night.

“The romance element of vampires is very catchy. That’s the ultimate sacrifice to give yourself up to be with someone forever,” said author Dacre Stoker.

Stoker is the great-grand nephew of Bram Stocker, the author of Dracula. He wrote the sequel called “Dracula the Undead.”

He has a theory about where the myths of vampires started, blaming science for the craze.

“Is he an undead person or is he pronounced dead by mistake? This person has the disease and spreads the disease unknowingly. Therefore that person is accused of sucking the life of those people he spreads the disease to,” Stoker said.

But we spoke to one person who says that vampires really do exist.

“Some are 9 to 5. Some are doctors, lawyers, in the media. There’s a vampire somewhere,” says a local man, identifying himself as Osiris.

Osiris says he comes from a long line of vampires. His grandfather was a vampire, and now his son.

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