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15 September 2010, JellyBean @ 11:05 am

This one is just plain weird. Do you classify it as a natural phenomenon, or something more spooky?

10-year-old old schoolgirl, Jelena Momcilov has a really strange ability – she has magnetic hands!

Over the past five years, Jelena has been able to pick up coins, cutlery and even metal furntiure just by touching them. Yup, they just stick to her body.

“I’d say this is a kind of unknown bio-magnetism. More experts would need to join me and research what this is all about,” said Nis University department head, Pavle Premovic who is pushing for an investigation.

YouTube Preview Image
Jelena Momcilov, the magnetic girl from Serbia.

Just a few weeks ago, the Daily Mail reported on a North London woman, Brenda Allison, who has the same ability. Not only do things stick to her, but she also blows out light bulbs, sets off car alarms and interferes with TV reception. Wristwatches also don’t work.

AOL News claims there are other people with this weird ability:

“Liew Thow Lin, 79, of Gunung, Malaysia, for example, is known as Mr. Magnet. He is able to lift more than 60 pounds of metal attached to his stomach, including a household iron on his chest with three bricks balanced on top of it.

Despite his nickname, Lin doesn’t believe he has any magnetic powers. “His skin literally causes a suction,” Meyer explained. “So when he goes to pull the stuff off, it’s like they’re stuck to him, there’s a suction noise and probably a little bit of pain.”

In 2002, Mr. Magnet pulled a car 210 feet along a level surface using only an iron chain hooked to an iron plate sticking to his stomach. That’s some serious suction.

Poland’s Jan Hatlas can hold coins, power tools and even a video recorder on his chest. Called the “Polish Magnet,” he has no explanation for his power.

In Romania, 43-year-old Bucharest hospital worker Aurel Raileanu can stick spoons, lighters and a 50-pound television set to his chest. “He’s literally glued to the TV,” Meyer said.

Even wood bonds to Raileanu’s flesh.

And in Pulaski, N.Y., 14-year-old Joseph Falciatano has been called “Magneto” because his very presence causes computers to crash. If he gets too close to his Xbox console, it freezes.”

Edward Meyer, vice president of exhibits and archives at Ripley’s Believe It or Not, said that in over 100 years of archives, he has not seen another case. However, in the past 10 years, suddenly a lot of these cases are being reported.

Here is an ITN video on another magnetic woman:

YouTube Preview Image
A woman in Bulgaria has the ability to make different objects, light and heavy, stick to and move on her hands.

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