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7 September 2010, JellyBean @ 6:37 am

After stalling out several times, an initiative to create a commission in Denver to study extraterrestrials is once again looking to take off.

Jeff Peckman kicked off his voter education campaign this week for Initiative 300, which would establish a seven-member panel that would be charged with collecting data and research to prepare Denverites in the event of a possible alien encounter. The initiative received enough valid signatures to be placed on the November ballot.

Peckman yesterday was enthusiastic about raising awareness for his initiative. The voter education campaign seeks to “educate the voters with as many good facts as I can get in front of them when they’re paying attention,” according to Peckman.

Peckman wants to let people know that the commission would not cost taxpayers anything. He is also looking to educate people about a wide range of issues that he believes are directly related to extra terrestrial visitations, such as clean energy, jobs and environmental health.

“There’s a great deal to be gained by including the topic of extra terrestrial visitors into those discussions,” he said.

Initiative 300 would create a seven-person panel consisting of volunteers who are “knowledgeable experts” on extraterrestrials. The commission would be funded entirely by grants, gifts and donations, according to Peckman.

Peckman believes Denver is in a good position to lead the country. For one, Denver is closer to outer space than almost any other major U.S. city, he said.

“This information is going to get out there sooner or later, Denver could take the lead,” he said.

Peckman pulled a similar initiative from the November 2008 ballot after gathering the 4,000 signatures needed to place it on the ballot.

Read the whole article: Denver Daily News

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