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22 April 2010, JellyBean @ 6:13 am

For years the Oakdale Leader building on South Third Avenue has been rumored to host more than just the employees on the payroll. Stories of mysterious happenings, odd sounds, and even an apparition sighting or two have abounded, shared among the community from past and present employees but now it’s official — The Leader office is a hot bed of paranormal activity, at least according to the investigators with the Western Region Paranormal Research (WRPR) group following an evening spent in the building.

Saturday night, April 17, the investigation group based out of Ceres converged on Oakdale and set up their sophisticated equipment in the hopes of catching evidence that there’s more to the stories than just someone’s active imagination.

The results were enough to keep the investigators chattering for days.

“Our first thoughts were, there is definitely activity in the building. It could be residual or it could be a spirit. We won’t know until we get feedback from the cameras,” shared WRPR co-founder Barbara Rubis-Johnson. “The whole team was psyched.”

Editor Marg Jackson, who has been with the Leader for 17 years, was on site for the investigation and was curious to see what the team would uncover as she has experienced more than a few freaky incidents that were difficult to explain logically.

“One evening, working late, I had my daughter at the office with me and saw her go past my door, out of the corner of my eye,” Jackson shared. “I went back to check on her, because I assumed she went to the break room but when I got there, the lights were out and she wasn’t there.

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