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3 May 2011, JellyBean @ 5:55 am

A large number of people are now casting doubt on the revelation of Bin Laden’s death. Some believe that Osama was killed in Afghanistan and others that he died of kidney failure, both years ago.

Even now, doubt has been raised. It may not be true that Osama bin Laden is dead and buried at sea, according to two Pakistani TV stations who feel he is still alive.

One bit of evidence that has been circulating the net is the so-called “death pic”. Now one of the TV stations in Pakistan has shown that this picture is probably a fake. This revelation has now been shown on other TV stations across the region.

They have shown that the lower half of Bin Laden’s face in the death photo is from one of his handout photos. The upper half of his face may be from another picture of dead body.

Even the average American is a bit reserved on the news.

“If Osama whas really been killed and buried at sea, why aren’t clear evidence being produced? Why isn’t the government showing us clear photos or videos of his dead body? Is he really dead? I doubt whether his body has been thrown into the sea,” said one member of public in Times Square.

Another reveler in Time Square quipped that this is just a well-crafted media propaganda to boost Obama’s flagging ratings before elections.

One thing is certain. Many people these days have lost faith in the government and now automatically suspect a lie whenever an announcement is made. What is the truth? Will time tell?

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