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28 April 2010, JellyBean @ 8:32 am

I have to say that I have personally never thought that orbs were paranormal. To me they seemed very unconvincing. I am glad that someone now agrees with me!

Recent developments in digital camera technology has finally permitted an experiment to be undertaken that demonstrates conclusively that airborne material located close to the camera and reflecting the camera flash is responsible for creating Orbs.

The evolution of digital imaging which began in the late 1990’s resulted in a revolution within paranormal research. Investigators began to report a phenomena previously unseen on images taken using conventional film based cameras. By common consent this apparently paranormal phenomenon was dubbed the ‘Orb’. Orbs are generally bright circular anomalies within an image, although other shapes such as angular and elongated forms are known.. They may appear as single or multiple anomalies and may vary both in colour and intensity.

To date, many thousands of orb pictures have been offered forward by amateur paranormal investigators and lay members of the public as evidence and proof of something truly paranormal being captured by the camera.
Proffered explanations as to what orbs actually represent vary widely e.g. many investigators believe they are evidence of, and for, ghost and spirit manifestations. Others consider orbs to be the energetic emissions of angelic and otherworldly beings. The internet is filled with pictures containing orbs still being presented by paranormal investigators as evidence of some type of manifestation. Newspapers and magazines regularly publish pictures of orbs, repeating the claims for paranormality and occasionally adding a celebrity endorsement just for good measure as in the case of TV star Noel Edmonds. In September 2008, he claimed that his deceased parents “Are melon sized orbs” which he described as “Little bundles of positive energy” and “Conventional photography can’t pick them up but digital cameras can”. There have also been a number of books written describing the supernatural nature of orbs and how by interacting with orbs one can gain spiritual enlightenment i.e. ‘Ascension Through Orbs’ [ Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell, Findhorn Press ]

Many paranormal investigators now prefer to try and steer a middle ground through the orb problem – accepting that dust, flying insects, water vapour and other airborne particles are the likely cause of most orbs they find on their digital pictures and acknowledging the likelihood that the majority of orbs can be explained. All too often, they then go on to state that there remains a number of orbs, a figure of around 1% or 2% is usually favoured, that cannot be explained and so must therefore be paranormal. This small percentage are usually to be found on pictures they have taken! I also wonder how they achieve their statistical probability?

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