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3 February 2011, JellyBean @ 8:09 pm

In a non-descript building in Reading, Ohio, a small statue of the Virgin Mary is said to be miraculously weeping.

Various people who have been to the ‘Our Lady Queen of Reading’ Library have claimed to have seen the tears appearing to come from the eyes of the statue. Now a TV crew has filmed the phenomenon.

Gayle Walker told WCPO: ‘I heard about it on the radio and I didn’t think much of it. Being here at work and we saw the line-up of people.

‘Out of curiosity I went over and looked and its unbelievable. It’s forming. The tear is there. It does not look like it’s water or anything. It’s real weird, very weird.’

As news of the event spread, hundreds of people have descended on the small building to try and catch a glimpse of it for themselves.

People began claiming to see the tears about a week ago, when a visionary visited the library.

Another person suggested that the water works started after a rosary, which belonged to Reverend James Willig, who died nearly a decade ago, was put in her hands.

Whatever the reason for the weeping statue, one thing is certain: phenomenon such as this inspire many people in their faith.

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