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10 May 2011, JellyBean @ 8:16 am

This latest crop circle pattern was found by Anthony Andrews on 7 May and then photographed by Steve Alexander.

“I was out walking with my wife during the late morning near Hannington (Wilts) and there is almost certainly a crop marking immediately to the north of Ashmead Brake woodland and the footpath that passes it. I have found a map reference on Streetmap: More exact co-ordinates are on http://www.streetmap.com. I did not wish to venture into the field at chance of agitating the land owner but it almost certainly not an agricultural marking. There appear to be three curved triangles flattened with a smaller one in the centre. I am not too good with measurements but it is sizeable. This has made my day and is very exciting. Aliens or humans?”

This photo was taken by Steve Alexander. You can see more amazing photo’s of crop circles on his site.

Steve Alexander has been photographing the crop circles for twenty years. During that time he and Karen have provided a important service to the crop circle world by supplying professional quality photographic imagery of the circles to researchers, the media and the general public.

Since 1999 they have produced an annual Year Book showcasing the very best formations of each year along with a written commentary researched by Karen Alexander.

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