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26 April 2010, JellyBean @ 7:16 am

A radio signal coming from deep space has been tracked by scientists and measured with a sideways trajectory to be moving faster than the speed of light. The strange object is located somewhere within the nearby M82 galaxy and was first picked up last May as astronomers at the Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophyics near Macclesfield, UK were tracking a nearby stellar explosion thought to be unrelated.

The object appears to be transmitting radio waves that do not follow the patterns of traditional radio waves associated with known astronomical phenomena. The galaxy M82 (also known as Messier 82) is approximately at RA 9h55m52.72s Dec 69’40’50.30″ if one was to use an astronomical charting program or search “Messier 82.”

The bright spot is baffling scientists, and many believe the signal indicates an object of artificial origin. Could this be the life we have been searching the skies for so long? Or could it possibly be an unknown natural phenomenon or even a hoax? If it indeed turns out to be a hoax, scientists have been unable to determine how it could have been perpetrated for the last two years that it has been observed.

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