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13 April 2010, JellyBean @ 7:02 am

The Loch Ness monster has not been appearing in “person” as much lately, but it has certainly been making waves in the artistic community where a painting has surfaced showing the creature being played to by a mysterious faceless figure holding a flute. The painting bears the equally cryptic message (presumably from Escher himself) bearing the words, “With all my heart to a friendly remembrance.”

The mysterious figure holding the flute is depicted in the nude facing away from the point of view of the artist while a mysterious creature, presumably the Loch Ness Monster or perhaps a small brachiasaur surfaces nearby in order to hear the tune and balance a ball atop its head. The mysterious painting is the centerpiece to an incredibly rich mystery that has remained unsolved since it was first discovered in 2005. When Raffaele De Feo was clearing out his attic, he ran across the mysterious charcoal drawing dating back to 1945 and looked closely at it.

“It was certainly a strange picture…” De Feo said to investigators within the artistic community. The Avellino province police officer chalked the image up as nothing more than a mysterious and strange painting, but as he removed the frame and looked on the back and read the inscription he was floored. The inscription was clearly signed MC Escher. But was it real or a hoax painting set up to be discovered years later and yield a windfall in auction? And what of the mysterious inscription? Who was Escher signing this painting to, and why the mysterious image of a creature that couldn’t possibly exist according to modern science?

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