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16 February 2009, JellyBean @ 10:30 am

Many people in Texas have reported a fireball streaking across the sky on Sunday.
Mystery Fireball
The mystery fireball was also filmed by a television station which was filming a marathon at the time. You can view the video on the Sky News website or from CNN.

“We don’t know what it was,” Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Roland Herwig was quoted as saying.

John Foster, a spokesman for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Georgetown, said deputies and firefighters were out looking for debris after callers said they thought they had seen a plane crashing.

So far no debris or wreckage has been discovered despite the departments search with a helicopter.

The US Strategic Command which is responsible for the tracking of space debris and satellites have said that the sightings are not due to the collision on the US and Russian satellites of a few days ago.

Some people have speculated that it was other space debris or a small meteorite entering the atmosphere. Others have said that it could be linked with a UFO which was spotted in places of the skies of Arizona over the past few days.

This leaves the question: What was it?

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