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5 August 2011, JellyBean @ 5:04 am

Something strange washed up on the shore of a remote village in Alaska.

A mysterious orange-colored substance mysteriously appeared on the surface of the water in Kivalina (KIV’-uh-LEE’-nuh).

Tests have already been conducted on the substance, but so far there has not been any results.

City Administrator Janet Mitchell told The Associated Press that the substance has also shown up in some residents’ rain buckets.

Coast Guard Petty Officer David Mosely tells KTUU that it’s not a petroleum substance and it’s not man-made. Mitchell says the village is requesting that an algae expert from the University of Alaska Fairbanks investigate.

Pictures taken by resident Mida Swan show an orange sheen across the harbor and on beaches in the village about 625 miles northwest of Anchorage.

Swan says she didn’t smell anything odd when she dipped her hand into the substance.

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