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10 December 2010, JellyBean @ 7:36 am

Over the past several days the net has been buzzing over the images claimed to have been taken by the NASA SOHO cameras which show a round object entering the frame as it was looking at the sun.

People have wondered whether this was an unknown planet, Planet X or perhaps a UFO.

Unfortunately a bit of investigation into this video produces the truth. It was the moon.

The first evidence comes from the camera used and the satellite it came from. People have been claiming that this is from the SOHO EIT 304 satellite. Looking at the video, it is clear that this footage was taken from the SDO spacecraft. The AIA 304 (The Atmospheric Imaging Assembly) is a SOD imagery camera on the SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) satellite. (See SDO website for more details)

YouTube Preview Image

Adding to the evidence, according to the SOHO website, the cameras were offline during the period this film was taken. In fact the camera’s are STILL offline.

At the time the picture was taken, and calculating the Keplerian elements for both the SDO satellite and the moon, it is clear that the moon passed between the SDO satellite and the sun.

It is no wonder that NASA has not commented on something which can be easily checked and verified!

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