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25 February 2011, JellyBean @ 10:21 am

What on earth (or off earth as the case may be) was seen emerging from the space shuttle cargo bay on NASA TV?

There are big discussion on NASA Spaceflight forums and the Above Top Secret forums.

This is after the launch of the Discovery 1:53PM PST, 2/24/2011

I was watching this on Live NASA TV, and I wanted to recorded the doors opening off the shuttle, so I began to record using fraps, and a mysterious black dot moving really really fast appears at the bottom left (:11 SECONDS). Can’t be a bird, too fast. Can’t be a satellite, too low (it fades under the clouds). Can’t be a plane or jet (Military is suppost to be shut down on shuttle schedules?).

YouTube Preview Image

Could it be a micro-UFO??

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