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22 July 2010, JellyBean @ 7:28 am

It was late at night on Nov. 2, 2000. I was in college then. I just got done writing a report for my biology class and I was tired. So I thought I would check my e-mail before I went to bed. While I was checking my e-mail I decided to open up a chat room just to see if anyone I knew was on that night. Actually I was checking to see if this girl named Heather was on. It turned out she wasn’t.

However there was this one guy logged on. He entered my chat room and asked me how I was doing. His name was John Titor. I’ve never heard of this guy before. I was ready to log off, but I thought I’ll chat with him for a minute or two. So then that’s when our conversation began.

Me: “Do you go to school here?”

John Titor: “No. I’m in the military. I’m actually here on special assignment.”

Me: “Really where you from?”

John Titor: “I live in central Florida with my family and I’m currently stationed at an Army base in Tampa.”

Me: “Wow. So how long have you been in the Army?”

John Titor: “Well I was drafted when I was 14. Back when World War III was just starting.”

Me: “What? Drafted? At 14? World War III? What are you talking about? We’ve only had two World Wars.”

John Titor: “Oh I’m sorry. For a minute I forgot what year I was in.”

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