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22 February 2011, JellyBean @ 8:01 am

Several residents of Vancouver, Washington, reported seeing a saucer-shaped craft in the sky on Sunday evening.

Each resident described the craft as having bright green and red lights and being saucer-shaped.

All those interviewed state that they have never seen a craft like that before. It did not resemble any aircraft they usually seeing flying out of the nearby Pearson Field.

911 dispatchers have confirmed that reports were received of an unidentified flying object but oficials at the National UFO Reporting Center said they did not receive any UFO reports; neither did the National Weather Service in Portland

“At first I thought it was a high firework through the tree branches,” Kathy Plamondon told The Seattle Times by e-mail.

“As I stepped out of my front door — facing east — to help load grandbabies in parents’ car, I saw that it was not going out or falling from the air, as fireworks would.”

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