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31 March 2011, JellyBean @ 8:29 am

Ocean specialists are at a loss to explain last weeks mass death of starfish at Talybont, Wales.

Although starfish do get washed ashore during a spring tide, they never usually migrate so far up the shoreline.

Councillor Trefor Roberts said: “What I would like is a full scientist report on what caused the deaths of these starfish.”

Council maritime officer Barry Davies told reporters that he did not think that there was anything suspicious that led to the deaths of the starfish.

“We are confident that the cause is not related to pollution or to a vessel having dredged the starfish and discarded the starfish overboard,” he said.

He went on to say that a possible reason was a shortage of food.

Talybont resident David Haddon said: “I can understand one or two dying, but there have been occasions where loads of jellyfish have died in this area.”

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