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2 July 2009, JellyBean @ 3:40 pm

unidentified“Several recent UFO reports from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database have described what appears to be the same object – a cluster of three spheres that seem to be attached. Reports were filed on these objects near Dallas, TX, April 22, Crockett, TX, April 23, Kansas City, KS, June 16, and from Illinois on June 20.

A Michigan report for June 28 may be related as the witness, driving along the Southfield freeway, states that “I looked up and saw that it was a cluster of lights.” The object was described as silent and hovering.”

I have to say that whenever I hear the reports of triangular UFO’s, I think more of them in terms of the REAL meaning of the acronym: Unidentified Flying Object, instead of alien craft. My personal feeling is that many of these craft are either misidentified aircraft or at least experimental classified craft. Check out the article I posted earlier about secret aircraft.

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The Examiner: Michigan ‘cluster of lights’ may be another sphere-triangle UFO

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