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17 November 2008, JellyBean @ 7:47 am

Construction worker Odair José Berti, 35, got home feeling very tired after a hard day of work. He decided that he would go to bed early and try and get a good nights sleep. He did … until he woke up on top of a rock, 1000 feet in the air!

What followed was a risky rescue operation which saw firefighters trying to get him off the rock in a 12 hour operation. According to the firefighters, access to the top of the rock is extremely difficult, even with the use of proper equipment.

After being rescued, Odair, clad only in shirt, shorts and sandals, was checked by medical personnel. Although hungry and thirsty, he did not have a scratch on his body – virtually impossible if he had climbed the rock himself. Rescue workers were covered in scratches and bruises by the time they rescued him.


An interesting, albeit slightly contradictory, story. Did the rescue operation last for 2 or 12 hours? Perhaps it’s just badly written: the operation itself lasted two hours, but ten hours had already passed from the moment the firemen were called after near 2 PM.

If the firefighters took only an hour to get up there, then it would make it more plausible that someone in sandals could have climbed up there. Of course one has to wonder why a person would be wearing sandals if he was asleep …

However he got there, the mystery ikeeps puzzling the inhabitants of Córrego Bananalzinho, a rural area of the city of Rio Bananal [Espírito Santo, Brazil].

From A Gazeta: Homem acorda em alto de pedra e não sabe como chegou lá

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