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26 September 2008, JellyBean @ 8:44 am

Level Beyond Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 7, 26 Sept 2008

In this issue:

* Tulpa: A creature made by thought

There is a strange phenomena which is often overlooked on websites dealing with the paranormal or
cryptozoology – the mysterious Tulpa from Tibet.

* The Mysterious Brown Mountain Lights

In the western hills of North Carolina stands the mountain called Brown Mountain. For hundreds of years it has been the home of one of the most mysterious phenomena to occur in the US.

* The Ghost of Covent Garden Tube

In 1955 an employee of the London Underground was working in the Covent Garden tube station. To his surprise he noticed a very distinguished looking man “wearing an old-fashioned grey suit with a funny looking old-style collar and light coloured gloves”.

When he moved towards the man to see what he wanted, the man vanished suddenly before his eyes. He had just seen one of the reputed ghosts to haunt the Covent Gardens station.

* Confirmation of Oct 14 alien visitation?

Magenta Pixie, in a video, introduces Zingdad of www.book-of-light.com who channels “Adamu” bringing forth information regarding the timeline where a large lightship shall be visible to us around mid-October this year.

* Introducing the Level Beyond Podcasts

Level Beyond has started releasing podcasts!

Each week we will be bringing you shows about the weird, strange, mysterious and bizarre.

… and in the forums you can find news on:

* New Crop circle amazes the world

* Bank Takes over ‘Haunted’ Mansion Abandoned by Millionaire Family

* 101 Signs That You’ve Encountered A Ghost

* The haunted house of Sir George A. Drummond

* Big cat stalking Sydney may be no urban myth

* Psychics offered $100,000 challenge

* Is this animal a live chupacabra?

… and in Opinion Pieces:

* “What Americans Really Believe” By Rodney Stark And Baylor University

* Paranormal side of the tolerance coin?

* Wing Commander Alan Turner MBE, RAF Sopley 1971

* Global epiphany on UFO phenomena

* America´s Continued Negligence of Restricted Airspace Violations by UAO

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