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21 September 2008, JellyBean @ 2:13 am

Level Beyond Newsletter
Volume 1, Issue 6, 19 Sept 2008

In this issue:

* Do aliens have a universal internet?

A new theory has been formulated by John Learned of the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. The theory says that aliens could communicate with one another by jolting a star with a kick of energy to cause it to pulse. This could be done, he says, with high-energy particles called neutrinos which would be directed into the core of the star.

* The day the world ends: Prophecies

Recently we had the prediction of some scientists that the world would end due to the the Large Hadron Collider. I have also noticed a growing number of people talking about the Mayan calendar and what could possibly happen in 2012. Throw into the mix the recent prophecy of Blossom Goodchild concerning the potential alien visitation in October, and we have some very interesting times.

* The ghosts of Myrtles Plantation

In St. Francisville, Louisiana, there is an inn which is reputed to be the most haunted place in the USA. Exactly how many ghosts are said to haunt The Myrtles plantation is unknown, but it seems that the number is around 12 to 15 of them.

According to legend, the plantation house was built in 1794 by General David Bradford on top of an old Indian burial ground. General Bradford is also reportedly the first person to have seen a ghost in the house. It is said that he saw the ghost of a naked Indian girl, which is still seen on occasion today. When the General died, the management of the estate passed on to his daughter, Sarah and her husband, Judge Clark Woodruffe. Together, he and Sarah had three children, Cornelia Gale, James, and Mary Octavia. Judge Woodruffe eventually bought out the plantation from his mother-in-law before she died in 1830.

* The curse of Bloody Mary

Mary Worth lived in the town of Idlewood, near Salem in the 17th Century. A local minister’s wife noticed that the unmarried Mary was starting to look more rounded. She accused Mary of being pregnant and this being a sin in those days, prompted the local constabulary to investigate.

It was found that indeed Mary was pregnant but when she was questioned, she denied ever sleeping with a man. The town fathers got angry and demanded to know the name of the father. Mary refused. The town fathers were left with little choice but to accuse her of being a witch and being pregnant with the devil’s child.

* The Second Jonah

We have all heard the biblical story of Jonah being swallowed by a whale. Sometime later the repentant Jonah is spat up, very much alive, to continue God’s commandments. I am not going to discuss that particular case here, but we will take a look at a more modern ‘Jonah’. Legend has it that his name was James Bartley and this is the story often associated with him

… and in the forums you can find news on:

* Doubt on lone gunman in JFK assassination

* Brain Scans Used to Convict Woman of Murder in India

* Has UFO fame changed Stephenville?

* Five police officers report seeing UFO in southern Illinois

* Mysterious Monster Devours Bishop’s Goats

* Crop circles appear in Bedford cornfield

… and in Opinion Pieces:

* Global epiphany on UFO phenomena

* UFOs and ET activities: Blessing, threat or both?

* A Few Good Men Preserving UFO Secrecy

* An alternative truth

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