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14 January 2009, JellyBean @ 10:06 am

At the beginning of January, Allnewsweb reported on a UFO sighting in Argentina, where a UFO was seen emerging from the body of water known as Laguna Del Pescado.
underwater ufo
How halfway around thee world in Indonesia comes a report of an eerily similar sighting.

A group of eight friends were on their way home in two cars after failing to get tickets for a concert in Jemba, East Java. Due to heavy traffic, they took the scenic route along the outskirts of the city. One of the cars came to screaching halt when the driver saw something strange above a small lake they were passing.

Two lights, one red and one white, rose up from the lake. Suddenly two beams of light shot up into the air from the objects and they began to change their formation. This lasted for about 10 minutes before the objests shot upwards into the sky and vanished.

All the members of the group say they are prepared to testify about what they saw and local media reports finding additional witnesses. These witnesses insist that what they saw was something unexplained and not a fireworks display, plane, kite, balloon or tower.

They similarity between this sighting and the Argentina sighting raises alot of questions. Why are UFO’s coming up from under lakes? Underwater UFO’s have been reported for decades now and include sightings such as the famous Shag Harbour sighting which is often referred to as the “Underwater Roswell”.

Allnewsweb: Argentina: UFOs over lake seen by multiple witnesses

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