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2 November 2010, JellyBean @ 7:37 am

Is there a strange creature lurking in the wilds of Wisconson, or is it merely the usual media labeling common ill animals as ‘chupacabra’?

Residents in southeastern Wisconsin have recently been reporting sightings of a nocturnal creature invading their back yards. This photo was snapped by a woman as the creature sat in her back yard on its hind legs eating crab apples.

The photo was sent to the The Wildlife in Need Center where a spokeswomen said that while it “may point to the existence of the elusive and legendary El Chupacabra residing in southeastern Wisconsin” it most likely is “a gray or red fox with Sarcoptic Mange, caused by an infestation of mites.”

Many people were quick to label this creature a Chupacabra, but it has also been noted that this is not the first time kangaroo-like creatures have been reported in Waukesha County.

Source: JSOnline

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