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25 July 2010, JellyBean @ 4:30 pm

As a long time watcher and researcher of the Chinese UFO scene I was rather surprised by the extent of the worldwide coverage given to the July 7 2010 Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport “UFO” shutdown incident. So much inaccurate reporting and speculation on this story has spawned spurious links, fake photos and poorly devised “explanations.” Most of this was driven by extremely limited information. The Mr. Ma photos were widely linked to the airport UFO incident, along with dubious photos that used it as a basis for more creative photo manipulation efforts. Missile film and photo imagery from a week earlier and from Western China were even linked.

Given such a high level of wild speculation and erroneous reporting I was pleased to learn through Chinese sources that the Beijing UFO Research Organisation and the Shanghai UFO Research group undertook an on site joint investigation on July 14 and 15. I followed the progress of these enquiries through Chinese connections and Chinese web sites. Western sites largely circulated unreliable and mangled stories and seemed to loose sight of the fact that the details emerging on the airport incident were limited and initially contradictory. The key to sorting the confusion out would be official departments being cooperative and transparent and they were not being very revealing.

The Beijing group investigation led by their long time secretary-general Zhou Xiaoqing came to Hangzhou armed with letters of introduction from the Beijing Science and Technology Association (the UFO group being a member). During the two day jiont investigation the UFO researchers visited Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport, the Civil Aviation Authority of Zheijiang, East China Air Traffic Control, East China Civil Aviation Authority, and other relevant departments.

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