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14 March 2011, JellyBean @ 7:27 am

The earthquake and following tsunami in Japan was tragic and devastating. My thoughts go out to all those who have been affected by this terrible event.

Of course immediately following these kinds of tragedies, theories start popping up to explain it. Here are a sample of the theories that are being bandied about the net:

Solar Flare

Japanese media reported at least 1,000 people are presumed dead from Friday’s massive 8.9 earthquake, most drowned by Tsunami that swept across the northeast coast of the island nation.

And its not only a coincidence that it happened exactly after 24 hours Solar flare hit Earth.

According to NASA website March 9th ended with a powerful solar flare. Earth-orbiting satellites detected an X1.5-class explosion from behemoth sunspot 1166 around 2323 UT. A movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (above) shows a bright flash of UV radiation plus some material being hurled away from the blast site.

In addition, on March 10, 2011 around 0630 UT, a CME did strike a glaceing blow to Earth’s magnetic field. This was a result of an M3 flare that occurred late on March 7, 2011.

At 2,200 km/sec, this was the fasted CME since September 2005.

Read more about this HERE

HAARP Caused Japan Earthquake

In a latest statement Benjamin Fulford said, Earthquake attack on Japan originated in New Mexico and Nevada, U.S. New Madrid fault line next target.

The horrific earthquake weapon HAARP (which can also cause spacequake) attack on Japan on March 11, 2011 which resulting in 10 meter tsunamis along much of Japan’s coast line came from rogue elements of the U.S. government located in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada, according to pentagon and CIA sources.

The next target will be the New Madrid fault line in the South- Midwestern United States, according to threats originating from the Nazi George Bush Senior faction of the U.S. government.

The United States is supposed to be an ally of Japan, we demand that you immediately send men with tanks and guns to take these bases and arrest these genocidal rogues. You know who they are and you know where they are, you must act or your own people will be next.

Read more about this theory HERE

YouTube Preview Image

Benjamin Fulford on HAARP (2008)

UFO Sighting Videotaped Over Japan Tsunami

While in a latest statement Benjamin Fulford said, Earthquake attack on Japan originated in New Mexico and Nevada and U.S. New Madrid fault line will be the next target. UFO sightings were videotaped over Japan Tsunami .

According to UFO-Blogger regular reader “This is going to sound a bit crazy but i believe there is a link between disasters and UFO’s.

I have been looking at you tube as well as internet sources provided by Google and have seen and read many things.

There is video evidence on you tube that show a mysterious object either just before or just after some of the well known disasters. These links show some idea of what i mean, whether its a natural disaster or one from a man made object.

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YouTube Preview Image

The Supermoon Theory

JAPAN’S devastating earthquake comes just days after a warning that an extreme “supermoon” would spark chaos across the globe.

On March 19, the moon will loom large in our skies and be at its closest distance from the Earth in 18 years.

And weather bloggers noted there was a supermoon just before the last monster tsunami in Asia on Boxing Day 2004.

Conspiracy theorists on the internet have made catastrophic predictions of tidal waves, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Next week the moon will pass a mere 221,567 miles from our planet and some amateur scientists have been predicting extreme conditions all over the world.

The event — known as a lunar perigee — happens when a full or new moon comes within 90 per cent of its closest approach possible.

Read more on this theory HERE

YouTube Preview Image

Meteorologist, astrophysicist, consultant, and owner of the business Weather Action, Piers Corbyn, talks with Alex about the Japanese tsunami.

As time goes by, there will be other theories that pop up. What we have to do is to keep focussed on the human suffering and loss suffered by the people of Japan and not be distracted by these theories.

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