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20 August 2009, JellyBean @ 12:36 pm

One of my favourite websites is Weird Asia News which gives you the weird news coming out of Asian countries. Sometimes they also touch on the paranormal, as in this article:

“The Japanese believe that all humans have a spirit or soul called a reikon. Ghosts are yurei, meaning “faint spirit.”

If a person dies in a sudden or violent manner, the reikon is thought to transform into a yurei, which can then bridge the gap back to the physical world.

The yurei tend to remain near where they died. They usually appear between 2 and 3 a.m., which is like the western world’s bewitching hour of midnight, and a time when the veils between the world of the dead and that of the living are at their thinnest.

Many Japanese ghosts are connected with battlefields and military bases. Here are some to chillingly consider.”

Read more on:

Weird Asia News: Japan’s Most Haunted Places

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