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17 July 2010, JellyBean @ 6:50 pm

Mario Borghezio, a far-right Italian member of the European Parliament, says the European Union is not sufficiently focused on studying UFOs. He wants the EU to set up an “observatory” to catalogue incidents of people seeing UFOs in the sky. Serious, thorough research would expose a “systematic cover-up” of UFOs, he said.

In his latest press release, Mr. Borghezio quotes an Italian astrophysicist named Massimo Teodorani: “The phenomenon of UFOs, it is not a kind of tale, but it is a real manifestation which can be estimated through the physics and the astronomy.”

So far, like a lone flying saucer sailing through the night, the Italian MEP doesn’t have much company. He’s gathered only 18 signatures in the 736-seat parliament.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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