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11 November 2010, JellyBean @ 10:04 am

One has to wonder when you read stories like this. Is she really so UFO prone? Is she doing this for publicity for her books and DVDs? Or is she delusional?

To be honest, to me this woman sounds like a hoaxer and only doing it for the money. When she realised the paranormal thing was not working out she decided to go back to the UFO stories. But then this is only my opinion.

BRIDGET Grant looks like an ordinary housewife more at home making the school run than giving speeches at public conferences around the world.

But her extraordinary experiences mean she is in big demand both here and in America.

For Bridget is widely recognised in the UFO world as the Briton most visited by aliens.

In her 40 years she claims to have had at least 17 encounters with UFOs, including five up close.

“Why me? I don’t know. I can’t understand it but I need answers,” she said.

“I can’t explain what’s happening to me. I feel very happy that I’ve witnessed what I have.

Read the whole article at The Sun

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